Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Back-Office Services: The driver of every Logistics story

If ever, the likes of Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan get down to make a movie on logistics, we can tell you who’ll play the story driver — back-office services. While the protagonist is busy saving his clients’ cargo from the complex entanglements of logistics, strong buddies are needed to hold the back end firmly. Weak back-office services can end the script before it even begins. And that’s not all.

Back-office services are one of the most important elements of this movie. They drive the whole logistics story while constantly bolstering the protagonist in the game. But what if it weren’t so but a weak ally? Solution--- the protagonist can outsource the task of invigorating the back-office ally to someone else. We’ll tell you what — by this solution his business life would become infinitely easier. In case you’re still wondering what, we’re talking about, here are some reasons why you should outsource your back-office logistics services.

Outsourcing is the global buzzword

Outsourcing the back offices is a buzzword right now globally. It is well established that numerous businesses worldwide who took the plunge have reaped handsome rewards in terms of streamlined operations, increased efficiencies, high accuracies, substantially reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction while ensuring optimum utilization of the organization resources in the best possible manner.

Loss of time equals loss of opportunity!

With a store-room-full of routine, voluminous paperwork relating to data updations, documentation, statutory compliances, cargo tracking, and accounting to be taken care of, can you even find the time to do what you’re good at? Back-office services can consume a major chunk of your time which reflects in a direct loss of business. We, at Info X, as outsourcing partners, ensure that everything goes smoothly at the back so you can concentrate on your core competencies and grow your business beyond the parameters of success.

Money makes the logistics mare go!

Managing the back-office can cost you a fortune. The amount of workforce and costly office space you need to dedicate towards it can bring about a significant downfall in your profits. Instead of focusing on what matters the most, your best resources are stuck with insignificant jobs. As experts in logistics back-office services, we know you don’t want that. What if we told you that we will take all the pain away and help you increase your efficiencies and cut down your costs by 40% We, at Info X, are the uncrowned kings of back-office services and if you’re looking to spend more time growing your business, we’ll be happy to serve you.

A happy customer is a generous asset

The oldest rule of business is to keep your customers happy. How’re you going to do that if your back-office won’t let you? We, at Info X, ensure that your back-office services are seamless. We give your customers every reason to come back and compliment you after the job is done. With us, the happiness quotient of your customers goes beyond the recommended limits. Is that an offer too good for you to refuse?

The unhindered flight of success

Aggravated by erroneous data, back-office services can put your business at stake. The fear of losing money because of something as insignificant as an invoicing error will always fidget at the back of your mind. We, at Info X, give you the ultimate shield by ensuring over 99.5% data accuracy and full data security so you can scale the logistics world without a shred of fear.

Why Info-X ?

Info-X is the first choice back-office logistics partner for more than 100+ Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs including Fortune 500 companies across the USA, Europe, and Australia for their entire gamut of back-office services. Our clients have constantly trusted us for nearly two decades, which speaks more about our credibility than any statistical report. We are at the forefront of back-office logistics and we’d like you to join us.

Are you ready to dominate the world of logistics with us?


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