Monday, August 11, 2014

Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs: Do you wish to be saddled with antiquated logistics systems for your supply chain management??

Do you wish to continue to be hassled by high manpower cost and inefficient operations of your back office??

It’s no secret that for decades, freight forwarders and NVOCCs have spent an absolutely shocking number of hours managing rate quotes, been beset with old-fashioned, slow, inefficient and disorganized systems that have created a terrible cycle of excessive manpower, inconsistent delivery and slow turnaround times, lack of visibility and loss of control on the operations. All this has stalled their growth, and led to diminishing profits. You have to ask yourself – are you ok being caught in this cycle? Do you accept the current conditions?   

Forward-thinking logistic companies no longer carry out their operations that way. They know there are ways around dealing with antiquated, slow, disorganized systems and they just don’t waste precious time anymore. Progressive in their approach, these thought leaders appreciate new ideas and are open to a new and better way of doing business. The goal of these companies is to be more efficient without sacrificing quality—-they have been seeking solutions to the challenges that have kept them from meeting that goal.   

They know that if they have to grow in an ever-changing business environment accentuated by increased competition, expansion of geographical territories and increasing regulations, they have to retire their old systems. 

So, many of them turned to Info-X , who had multi-fold solutions for logistics management systems as well as for managing the back office, backed by their 15-year logistic domain expertise and a vast clientele in USA and Europe, that had benefited substantially after opting for Info-X solutions .

And, they were immensely happy with what they got from info-X…A cloud based agile logistic system with multi-modular and multi- modal functionality covering the entire gamut of ocean, air and ground transportation. This system, engineered entirely around their needs, included many innovations—a user friendly rate matrix for rate management with a provision for instant rate quotes; a smart documentation management suite; full-visibility cargo tracking and ISF filing modules, complemented by an inter-enterprise collaboration with EDI capabilities. A full accounting module ensured full control on flow of funds.

To top it, unlike other software solutions companies in the industry, Info-X customizes its software with independent modules that perfectly fit each client’s individual needs. 

And, Info-X has also been a pioneer in offering unmatched real-time back office services ensuring flow of accurate documentation for continuously updated rate matrix, export-import shipping documents, custom filings , cargo tracking and accounting.   This alleviates the customers of their hassles of plethora of documentation, error ratios and the increasing costs substantially impacting their profits.

While we are happy to say that Info-X has seen steady growth since its launch in 2001, we truly believe that right now, today, we are entering a new era—one in which the industry is ready to adopt solutions that provide higher quality, lower costs and better efficiency.  We are on the cusp of real change and Info-X doesn’t just want to be a part of it, we want to lead it. 

The proverb says: “Strike while the iron is hot.” We are confident the iron is hot, and we are going to keep on striking. 

As the industry moves towards embracing a new approach and applying solutions, we at Info-X have begun our own movement for driving innovations and proactively spread the word about how we can help the transportation industry reach its goals. And by help, we mean increasing our client’s business steeply, while manpower and other resources are being re-allocated and being spent more wisely. 
Per our longstanding client, Kenney Whitman, President, Oceanic Container Line: “My company’s association with Info-X has been incredibly fruitful. The team has amply demonstrated that they can provide significant cost savings besides adding value in terms of lower turn-around time and enhanced customer satisfaction.” 

Another long-term client is Alan Baer, President, TTS Worldwide, who says, “In the beginning I was skeptical regarding outsourcing of documentation to Info-X, particularly whether it would result in cost reduction while maintaining the quality and efficiency.  But Info-X demonstrated capabilities way beyond my expectations. I am really delighted and looking forward to assign more modules to them.”  

We are poised for growth and planning on securing it with an aggressive “US tour” and aligning with industry veteran, BSY Associates to help cement our relationship with the press as well as other industry leaders. We have expanded our India-based headquarters with a hi-tech infrastructure to accommodate our anticipated growth. We are also building relationships and investing in US-based companies as a sign of our commitment to the market. 

We are very excited about what lies ahead for Info-X and the industry as a whole. Expect to hear more from us as we continue to increase our presence in the U.S. market. 

Ask for a demo of our logistic software and back office solutions. It can be game-changing for you.

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