Wednesday, December 11, 2019

In the world of cargo supply chain, it’s tough out there.

It’s 5 am, and the world is fast asleep, except you! You have to execute large orders from shippers that you obtained after strenuous efforts.But, you don’t know how to manage it efficiently and cost-effectively with speedy and error-free documentation, getting prompt carrier bookings or carrying-out hassle-free statutory compliances . And the worst part? You don’t have tools to track the cargo on real-time. It’s enough to make anyone lose sleep. Fragmented supply chain, causing erratic shipments, can have a significant economic impact on the bottom line. The fact of the matter is that legacy transportation systems lack the agility and visibility that a modern technology driven system would provide. Evidently, there is an immediate need for an innovative, Logistic Management System to smoothen the friction out of chain of complex processes of your cargo transport.

Say hello to our Transportation Management System (TMS)

If you are a freight forwarder or an NVOCC , battling the tough currents of cargo-transportation, our TMS application is for you! Here, you’ll get cloud-based, end-to-end digital management solutions that can be tailored to your particular needs. By covering the ocean, air, and land the Info-X TMS application provides a further strategic advantage.

Ask yourself, what will help you not only survive the rough currents and turbulence of the modern dynamic market but also help you thrive? The answer lies here! Let’s take a closer look!

Our TMS is hardwired for challenges

With its robust design, Info-X TMS is geared to overcome all the complexities of logistic supply chain and the challenges it poses. Experience the power of integration with the facilitation of online booking, paper-less and error free document management, hassle-free statutory compliances , high visibility tracking and tracing, exception management with automatic alerts and notifications warehouse management, full accounting, auditing and business analytics with a smart dashboard displaying real-time key performance indicators. The seamless integration will give you the ease of operation, speed, accuracy in data flow, reduction in cycle time and cost reductions. To top it, you can even customize solutions suitable for your specific needs.

Equipped with Info-X TMS, get cracking in the market

With seamless operations, greater efficiencies, error free documentation, reduced costs and high visibility through Info-X TMS comes elevated customer satisfaction and retention for you. The more you excel in performance over your competitors,larger your customer base would be leading to your faster growth

Get the technology advantage

Info-X TMS is no run-of-the mill software. It is a full-blown, integrated, dynamic, cloud- based application equipped with cutting technologies like Robotics Process Automation , Artificial Intelligence, and data analytics that carry out seamlessly all the processes in the supply chain from cargo origin to destination.

Check our excellent track record

Founded in 2001, Info-X has been a leader in web based IT logistics software and back office services, enabling digital transformation to freight forwarders , NVOCCs and other intermediaries in USA, Europe and several other countries for the last about two decades. We have a global clientele of over 100, including Fortune 500 companies. Recognizing our excellence in optimizing transportation and logistics operations, we have been accredited as “Top Inbound Logistics Top 100 IT Logistics providers for consecutive years 2017,2018 and 2019 and have also been applauded by American Shipper, JOC and others.

When it comes to Transportation Management System, you need the right partner.

With expansive geographical territories and rising complexities in logistics, you need a TMS partner, who besides providing a smart technology-driven application that can reduce your costs and assure speedy and trouble-free delivery of your cargo, has a strong domain expertise, and strong credentials. Info-X is the right choice for you. It’s the smart-simple thing to do! Kick back, relax, and watch your business grow with Info-X TMS. Here, you even your odds for success!