Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How Back Office Services Can Add Value to Your Logistics Business

Back office services are an integral part of day to day operations for any logistics company. A lot of management time is wasted on managing routine voluminous paperwork, data updation and cargo tracking - the time that can be utilized more profitably to focus on your core competencies of marketing and generating revenue growth.
How Info-X Back-Office offerings can add mega value to your Logistic Business.
Consider how the following tasks can be better handled through using back office support services of Info-X Software Technology , who have the expertise of over 16 years in providing these services commendably to the US and European logistic companies, thereby substantially reducing their costs and adding value to their businesses.
Rate Management
In the ocean carrier marketplace, you as NVOCC or freight forwarder, are competing with businesses around the globe. In order to maintain your position as a leader in this industry, your business demands professional freight rate management. As a part of our logistics back office services offering, Info-X provides an effective solution for optimum ocean rate management with following features.
    • Updating complex freight rates and surcharges on real time for faster accurate quotes.
    • EDI integration with client operating system for transferring quotes
    • Online integration for “Customer Cell Module”, for better profit management.
    • Smart intelligent reporting module including Sales Analytics and Quote to Booking Ratios for effective monitoring.
Back Office Processing
The idea of outsourcing logistics business processes is to increase profitability, while improving production accuracy and turnaround time. Whether you are a NVOCC , freight forwarder or ground transportation entity, ensure that you opt for a reliable and experienced logistics back office service provider who can manage your entire documentation process utilizing their domain expertise and technology tools, thereby reducing the write-offs.

Outsourcing logistics business processes is the key to reduce costs. Why? Because it,
  • Reduces continuous service and financial pressures
  • Minimizes capacity volatility
  • Stabilizes cost volatility
  • Decreases the complexity of operating environment
Export - Bill of Lading
Info-X team possess expertise in processing export files and perform the following activities for freight forwarders .
  • Following up for shipper Instructions.
  • AES filing (Automated Export System).
  • End to end processing and distribution of export documents such as House Bill of Lading, Master Bill of Lading and raising of Invoices
  • Tracking the onboarding of shipments and sending pre alerts to the agents.
  • Auditing – Proofing of carrier BL and approving it.
Import - Arrival Notice Entry
A notice of arrival is a primary form of international shipping documentation, issued by an ocean freight agent or carrier on behalf of the shipping recipient. Preparing these documents accurately entails the cargo location, LOT number, ocean freight carrier release charges and any additional instructions on how to handle shipment recovery. If you wish to have an effective system for handling these tasks in a streamlined manner, contact Info-X to set up an appropriate back office system for you.
Cargo Tracking Services
Now a day the customers expects a WOW experience and it can only happen if proactive information with high and continuous visibility is provided to them. Therefore, the tracking service plays an important role in customer satisfaction. An effective tracking system can provide a continuous and precise visibility about the status of the shipment for the customer to coordinate and take corrective steps in case of deviations from the schedule, eliminating demurrage etc. Info-X has an excellent record in tracking domestic and overseas shipments and have been rendering services for fortune 500 organizations globally.
Accounting Services
An ocean carrier’s accounting services are the bridge that provides expedience to billing and invoicing. Getting invoices out to shipping customers as quickly as possible reduces the time spent waiting on revenue. By uploading documents using a digitized accounting process your office staff can streamline the entire billing process. Info-X has the proven track record and expertise to handle full logistics accounting services .
Auditing plays a critical role is stopping the leakage of revenue. A robust auditing system acts as a gatekeeper and prevents revenue loss. For instance, a stringent audit can identify an under rated ocean quote which is a potential loss to the organization. Info-X has advanced tools for the carrying out the audit and plugging the loop holes.
FMC/Tariff Publishing
In 2011 the Federal Maritime Commission released a ruling that all licensed NVOCCs involved with negotiated rate agreements are exempt from publishing the rates for publicly accessible tariffs, in certain situations. Part of this ruling requires these companies to store records for five years in a format easily accessible by the FMC. Here at Info-X, we offer FMC-approved storage via our back office services that will ensure your company remains compliant with tariff publishing regulations. How It Works?
  • Direct integration with logistics to see filing status report
  • Global login to monitor your filed rates
  • Rate filing with FMC

When dealing with the US Customs and Border Protection Agency, anything you can do to speed up the process of customs filing will benefit your business. Are you using electronic documents that are easily processed and accepted according to CBP regulations? If not, this is another Info-X back office service you would want to implement.


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